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 Quality products with quality services at affordable prices! We want to build a Computer store through customer satisfaction. Every customer's shopping experience at Computer store is important to our growth. We want our customers to view Computer store as a simple and fast place to shop and it should people as helpful and courteous professionals.    Through a decade of experience in computer hardware distribution and wholesale, we monitor the reliability of the products and brands very closely by measuring their return rate, we will discontinue that product or brand no matter how low the prices are. That's our best policy to help our customers to get the highest quality products with the most affordable prices. Our quality does not stop after an order is shipped. We want to offer our customers the best service, in the PC industry, before and after sales. We are trying to satisfy our customers most. Computer Warehouse does depend on customer feedback and comments to improve our services.

Hardware Maintenance & Instalation

EMYESONLINE has been providing equipment maintenance services since 1997. Our skilled engineers are on call to diagnose and repair hardware problems. Contact us for an equipment maintenance quote today by using our Contact Form or call +91 98421 98400 for prompt reliable service.

         Call today for an equipment maintenance quote at +91 98421 98400


Network Hardware Resale’s network service and support programs are designed with real-world networks and budgets in mind. We’ve tailored asset management, technical support and maintenance programs to deliver expert service at affordable rates.


We at EMYES, offer computer maintenance services on annual and quarterly basis. Computer maintenance is required when you or your business activities depends on computers. Our computer maintenance services is not only repairing or replacing faulty hardware, but we offer a quality service in maintaining your computer system, which includes both hardware and software.

We have hired the best talent available in the market, our computer engineers can solve problems related to computers, software, hardware, lan, wireless networks and internet in couple of minutes. We only hire certified and qualified engineers, and from time to time, we upgrade them with regular updates on technology and software.

Whether your computer system is a desktop, a laptop or a workstation, we can manage them all, whether you are a home user or a corporate, makes little difference to us, we like to face challenges and we love to solve customer problems.

Sign an Annual Maintenance Contract with us for computer maintenance and put an end to all your worries related to computers, softwares, networks and security. We will take care of all your computer related problems.

Security Camera Installation

We provide Digital Video Surveillance Security Camera system at home or business, you can be rest assured that you’re about to feel a whole lot safer. People install these security camera systems for different reasons. No matter what your reason, the one thing everyone can agree about is how good you feel when your property is protected. You can install one of these camera systems to monitor activities of your business while you are away. You can monitor the activities of your home.

We offer solution to any business set-ups.

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